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Things to Consider If You Want to Integrate Web Apps With Your Website Management Backend


Small business owners in this day and age tend to try to cut costs wherever they can to maximize their profits. One common way they're doing this is by managing their own website backends, rather than hiring a management agency to oversee the necessary maintenance for them. If this is something you've decided to do, you might be trying to figure out which website management suite is the best option for you. Maybe you aren't happy with the one you're using currently or maybe you haven't even switched to maintaining your own site yet; either way, this guide will help you.


As you read the following paragraphs, you will learn how to make sure that the web-based applications you use to help you manage your company's website are integrated into your backend suite. This is important, as you probably don't want to have to learn entirely new processes to do things you are already completely comfortable with. Fortunately, most of today's website management systems handle integration connectors well.


Think About Which Applications You Need to Integrate


Because there are hundreds of different web applications that can be used to aid in website management and maintenance, the first thing you need to do is create a list of those web apps you prefer. The best thing to do is list them in order of priority. This way, if you have to choose between integrations, you will know which ones are most crucial to your continued success.


Figure Out What to Do If There Aren't Integrations


Zendesk integration with Salesforce apps is more popular than others; these, as you might expect, tend to be the most commonly integrated programs. If you use lesser known applications, you might not be able to find many, if any, website management suites that have built-in integrations for them. If this happens to you, you should first call the company that makes the backend system. They might have additional integrations they can add or they might even be willing to custom build one for you.


If this doesn't pan out, you can talk to any web developers you have on your team. They might be able to create the integrations you need fairly quickly. If you don't have these kinds of programmers in your office, posting on an online job board and hiring a freelance is yet another option. It's never a bad idea, actually, to have a good Shopify integration with NetSuite developer you trust to do freelance projects for you!